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Martin LeMar (voc.)

The voice of Tomorrow's eve since 2004.

The powerful and flexible vocals and his ability to vary his almost untamable voice to the moods of the songs, without loosing his natural distinctive timbre, stands out as Martin’s most important talent.

Besides Tomorrow's Eve he is the lead singer of teutonic avantgarde thrashers Mekong Delta and the german Folk-Metal Band Nachtgeschrei

Rainer Grund (git.) 

Rainer is one of the 2 founding members of Tomorrow's Eve and his uncomparable style of riffing and guitar-violence sets the path for Tomorrow's Eve sounds.

Rainer plays Sigi Braun and PRS guitars and uses Diezel amplifiers and speakers.

Oliver Schwickert

Oliver is the longest remaining founding member of the band and can recall at least 2 more names that the band had in the last century.

Olivers really distinctive and dreamy if also sometimes nightmarish keys are the most influental tone, that makes the typical Tomorrow's Eve soundscape.

He can play any televion series Main theme from the 80s and make it sound like a typical Tomorrow's Eve song.


John Macaluso

Even being a hired gun for the bands next output, they still deserves to be named here. We are honored and proud to have John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, ARK, TNT) on board and we're looking forward to share the stage with him on upcoming live events.

John's official website

This man rocks!

                                                                                                          (picture by Emanuela Sequino)

Mike LePond

Mike (Symphony X) completes our Rhythm section to the fullest. Being honored and happy to have him on our side, we are sure you'll love every tone from his strings.