Mirror Of Creation III - Cover revealed

Today we reveal the cover artwork created byVery Metal Art. More news to come soon.

Mike LePond takes over the Bass on our upcoming album.

As we already announced on our facebook page, Symphony X deep tone virtuoso Mike LePond will play the bass on our new album. This rhythm section is beyond! We are so happy and glad to be blessed with these awesome musicians on board. Please welcome Mike and John and stay tuned for more amazing news soon!

"Shortly" finally arrived 6 years later...

welcome back on our website.

Tomorrow's Eve isn't dead. We are back and burning.

We are glad, that so many of you didn't stop believing. We know that after our disappearance a while ago, it might have been not that easy to hope for our return. 

But here we are and we are on fire.

The preproduction of our album is more or less done (some fine-tuning needed), but since we have already booked the Bazement studio for the drum recordings for february, we can take the time to give the songs the final touch.

Lineup changed slightly

As we already announced on our facebook page, Tom Diener left the band for personal reasons. We had no issues or bad blood between us and we still consider ourself friends. So we wish Tom all the best for his future. Same goes for Chris D. our Bass player. Good luck and our best wishes to both of you.

John Macaluso

The Drummer for the upcoming album will be no other than John Macaluso (ARK, TNT, Riot, Yngwie Malmsteen, James LaBrie and many more).

We are glad to have John on board for this album and we are also looking forward to play some live shows with him after the release.

Check out John's website here!

More news to be announced soon

More news, more content for our site and even more and more will be updated ASAP. Check our facebook site on a regular base for faster and other informations.

We are back on track and can't wait to reveal our new baby!

Until then, keep on rocking!

Tomorrow's Eve

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Recent Events:

Website is online again!

John Macaluso announced!

Drums will be recorded in february

We are alive

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The final name of the album will be announced soon!

Thanks for believing!

More news soon....